We have a team of professionals that can perform these tasks at a competative price. I oversea all projects and also freelance and consult on the side.

  • Web Security Assessments
  • Pentesting
  • Incident Response
  • .NET Core Windows and Web Application Development


He is a U.S. Citizen living in Brazil and working remotely. In 2020 he started CyberBitz Cibersegurança with two other owners.With over 23 years in Information Technology, Cybersecurity, Military Intelligence, and Ethical Hacking. He worked for several Government agencies: NSA, FBI, DIA, DISA and NGIC during his career mostly focusing on .NET programming, digital forensics, device exploitation, weapons intelligence teams, intelligence support to cyber operations, cybersecurity and pentesting. In the private sector he has worked for major fortune 50 and 100 corporations. He has deep knowledge in incident response and ethical hacking. His last job was senior incident response and digital forensics analyst at one of the largest energy companies in the United States. He holds multiple industry certifications in his field and a Masters in Cybersecurity at American Military University.


Malware, ransomware or other cyber incident, contract us immediatly.

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